Okay quick information on Ramadan.

Ramadan 2017 began in the evening of Friday, May 26 and ends in the evening of Saturday, June 24.

At sundown Friday May 26, 2017 Ramadan began. Here’s what this means somewhere around 3:45 am Saturday morning fasting began and fasting would end around 6:45 pm Saturday evening.

Now here’s what this means for me as an expat. I have to conduct myself in a certain manner and be mindful and respectful of the rules and laws during this time in public.

NO eating, drinking, chewing gum, PDA, makeup, and proper dress and positive manners at all times. AUS_Ramadan

Now in my mind I was picturing life to be complicated and boring during Ramadan. NOT the case. I can still go out and shop. I just have to check the operating hours. I still have to show up at work even though I don’t have any students. My work hours have been reduced from 7-3 to 9-2. It’s against the law to work longer than 6 hours during Ramadan. The malls are open but the restaurants won’t be open. The malls, stores, banks, spas, salons, government offices, etc have reduced hours where there are morning hours and evening hours. I have to remind myself not to chew gum…this is big thing for me because I am always chewing gum. No drinking water in public and it’s hot as an oven so it makes sense to not even be out until the sun goes down. I went out the other day after the sun had set and the fast had broke…..and baby it was crowded. Traffic was worse than usual. People were everywhere. I ordered from Talabat like I usually do from time to time. It took longer than usual. Even the restaurants on Talabat have different hours.

Bottom line Ramadan isn’t a huge change in daily activities in my host country. Behind closed doors most Muslims are okay if you eat or drink in front of them. I choose not to because I find it hard when I’m hungry and see people hungry and I can’t eat. I am able to eat in my classroom. I just shut my lights and I covered the window on my door. I am bored at work with no students. I am watching Netflix catching up on TV shows and movies. My daughter is in the states so I can be an adult and watch adult TV and movies. I do miss her but it’s been nice to be an adult and not just mommy all the time. She’ll experience Ramadan next year. It will move up 15 days and it will be mid May next year.

Be aware of your surroundings. Be respectful. Use common sense. If you are ever unsure ask questions. They are human. They are people.

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