Shedding Light on Education part 1 salary

I’m going to take a moment to address some issues in education. Most of these issues are stateside and MANY can relate.

Over the course of my educational career I have heard “education is not for the faint of heart”

I got into education for the joy and passion I have for children. I believe all children deserve a developmentally appropriate approach to education. I was also hesitant to come into education because I was watching the decline of education in the states. I was watching budget cuts. I was watching assessment after assessment being brought in. I knew for a fact I would never teach above 2nd grade because I did not want what we educators call a testing grade. After 2nd grade teachers and students are bogged down with testing. I was also hesitant because let’s face the pay sucks and the demands on educators are high. So I went into education and thought of the kids.

I started a rant on Facebook. It all started when a teacher was arrested for asking a question about pay.

Let me educate you people on a few things. I’m gonna start with salary.
Now let me share with you something. A first year teacher in the state of SC will be lucky to make 30k a year with just a BS a Masters degree might bump their pay to 35K got a doctorate great here is 40K……As a teacher in SC I will NEVER see 100K I’ll be lucky if I see 70K. Now yes this will vary by district.
Lets throw in cost of living. I’m gonna look at Charleston take this info with a grain of salt. Want a decent apartment or house gonna cost around $900….you have not eaten yet. Utilities $300…you haven’t eaten yet. Transportation….you gonna need a car good luck hope you have good credit. Add student loan repayments… still haven’t eaten yet. Got a kid….they cost money. Need health insurance….yep that costs too. Factor in Uncle Sam….you might be left with 2 dollars to buy groceries. You don’t qualify for any government add because according to them you make too much money. I have not met an educator who has not considered getting a second job. I know many who actually do have a second a job.
So I ask you WHY in all that is holy do we treat educators with such low regard? You trust them enough to educate your child but then when we ask for a raise we get handcuffed, yelled at or told we don’t need more money. OR my all time favorite I pay for you with my taxes…..Baby BYE.

Wanna be mad this is what they pay the people who tell us what to do. People who sometimes don’t even have a degree. People who are elected into office by the school board. They don’t have two jobs.

I should not have a college degree (at this point more than one) and struggle to make my ends meet. The manager at McDonald’s makes more than a teacher. A plumber makes more than a teacher….don’t need a degree for either one. I should not put in 40 plus hours and still need a second job just to make my ends meet. Don’t tell me to stay in my financial lane….I do that. When cost of living goes up and my paycheck doesn’t there is a problem.

So when I see a teacher, a fellow educator, get dragged out of board meeting in handcuffs for asking a fair question: why do you get a raise and we don’t? I am outraged. I would have walked out behind her. Yes we fear for our jobs when we speak out. But doggone it enough is enough.

And if you talk to me about my work hours….stay tuned I have another post coming about what teachers actually do.

This will be done in several installments cause let’s face it some won’t read it if it’s too long.

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