Apartment Hunting

Listen first off I hate apartment hunting. I am picky. I have a vision. I need the apartment to literally speak to me or I won’t like it. I can overlook the neighborhood but my space is sacred and I treat it as such upon entry.
We started apartment the day after we landed. I hated it. I saw I don’t know how many apartments. I didn’t like any of them. I didn’t like any of the neighborhoods. It was one of those situations where if I could pick pieces of all the apartments I saw I could have a great apartment. I kinda sort of liked 3 apartments. I liked one the most of the three but it still felt like settling. I gotta sleep in this place and I gotta like doing so. I might want people to visit and I want people to like to visit my space.

I like this area. Hated the rest of the apartment.
What the hell people, why is it powder blue
do you see this floor and let’s not even discuss the bed. You tell folks you have a kid and they give you these twin beds….um ma’am sir she is teenager and she is my height. She needs a whole bed not a half of bed.
Not even the ugliest furniture I saw
I actually cook, why is this space so small
This just doesn’t make sense
Where is the other half of the shower door, this apparently is common
The apartment I wanted.

The apartment was 2 bedrooms 1 full bath and a half bath with a shared garden, a reception area, sitting area, dining room Amazing lighting. Great space. I saw it twice to make sure I liked it. I was already to sign the contract and hand over my money.
Then here comes this owner being ridiculous. She wanted the payment in USD. Okay listen here is why this is problem. I can’t just walk into a bank and exchange Egyptian pounds for dollars. There are steps and paperwork. Then she wanted this done every month. Okay yeah no. So the broker was trying to get her to agree to Egyptian pounds. At first she said yes but then she said no.
I go to plan B because this ain’t looking good. I use another reference and make an appointment. I tell the new broker about the apartment show him pictures and he contacts the lady. He informs me that she has 6 offers and is looking to see who will give her the most in USD. He says he doesn’t like working with people like her. Her apartment has been on the market since June. Say less. The new broker shows me an apartment that is being renovated. Literally as we walk in they are renovating the apartment. The only thing I did not like was the kitchen. I was smallish. No microwave. The stove was small but I was not expecting a large stove because it is not common. Also no TV. However it is 3 bedrooms. 2 balconies. 1 full bath and a half bath. Dinning room. Reception area. Large living room. The space was amazing. The area was quiet. Nothing but expats in the building. No elevator. I am walking around the space and I am visualizing how to decorate and make it mine. The owner speaks English and negotiates the price from 15k to 14k which includes everything (gas, maintenance, trash, security) but the wifi and electricity. I actually upgraded from the previous space. More space. Better view. New furniture. Renovated space. The broker knows of cleaning people to help me keep the place clean. I am around the corner from the shops. I see a bunch of teens and expats outside. Yes please and thank you.

Our new apartment

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